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Daniel Berman crime fraud defence lawyers

We specialise in defending serious crime and complex fraud matters. Our core work and area of particular interest and expertise is the defence of serious crime matters and fraud prosecutions brought by the National Crime Agency (previously SOCA) and the Serious Fraud Office.

The practice is well-established in the defence of all serious criminal matters, including international drug trafficking allegations, murder enquiries, firearms, forgery and counterfeiting cases.

We are also well-versed in defending fraud prosecutions, and familiar with the weighty and complex nature of these cases.

We represent defendants charged with large scale human trafficking (people smuggling).

A significant practice area of the firm is the representation of clients facing confiscation proceedings and we are currently contesting prosecution claims to the value of many millions of pounds. This area of the law is now hugely significant to those facing prosecution in serious cases, and we are one of the few practices with the ability to provide expert advice in both areas.

Our technologically advanced internal systems are well-suited to the defence of any alleged crime involving the use of computer equipment. Large-scale analysis of seized computer records presents no logistical obstacle to the firm. In fact, our systems are designed to sort and analyse such data.

We are renowned for our close links with the Colombian community in London. Our fighting spirit and empathy are recognized by that community. We enjoy cooperation with a select group of Spanish interpreters and have a multilingual capability.

Our quality-based approach is also attracting private instructions in a variety of criminal cases.

We maintain a general criminal defence contract with the state and advise and represent suspects and defendants on Legal Aid in serious criminal cases.

We are often involved in defending cases from the investigation stage. We are able to advise and assist you before, during and after interview if you are in detention. We can protect and advance your interests in the most difficult and hostile of environments and will ensure that your rights are properly observed.

Our prison law experience ensures that the welfare of our clients is protected if they are in the prison system.

We also specialise in advising and representing defendants in privately-funded road traffic cases.


Daniel Berman crime fraud defence lawyers

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