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Daniel Berman crime fraud defence lawyers

R V S and S: Over the course of two years' investigation and numerous police interviews, Daniel Berman ensured that two officers of a property company were not charged with any offence relating to money laundering of funds from Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF regime into the London property market, in breach of sanctions.

R v A: When the News of the World's "Fake Sheikh" attempted to implicate one of our clients in a drugs allegation, Daniel Berman attended at the police station and ensured that there was no conviction.

R V T: Daniel Berman represented a high-profile international team football coach in a driving matter with discretion and success.

R V I: a high-rolling gambler was acquitted of defrauding a top London casino;

R v R and A: One of four supergrass cases prosecuted by SOCA where we successfully defended two defendants including the lead defendant. The case arose as a result of a massive operation conducted by SOCA into drug trafficking which uncovered a major Colombian cocaine and money laundering ring. One of the key South American defendants decided to assist the Crown; he was debriefed over a period of 15 months and gave evidence on behalf of the prosecution at the Old Bailey. Our detailed work identifying and exploiting the weakness and inconsistencies in the supergrass's evidence led to the acquittal of our clients. We painstakingly deconstructed the Crown's case and our efforts were rewarded by the Jury.

R v G: We are currently representing the lead defendant charged with conspiracy to murder using a Mac 10 machine gun. It is alleged that the shooting involved a member of the notorious Burger Bar gang based in Birmingham. The incident was captured on CCTV camera and the weapon was recovered shortly after the shooting took place.

R v M: We successfully defended a Colombian national charged with conspiracy to import cocaine into the United Kingdom from South America. A total of seven defendants in the case were arrested as a result of a 12-month operation by officers of the Serious and Organised Crime Agency. The prosecution case consisted of covert audio and observation evidence.

R v Z: We represented a Chinese defendant charged with money laundering and human trafficking offences.

R v S: We represented a defendant charged with conspiracy to import 337 kilos of cocaine from Venezuela.

R v K: We are currently representing a defendant charged with conspiracy to import 350 kilos of heroin into the UK from Europe and Colombia.

R v A: We represented one of the lead defendants in a multi-handed drug related murder case involving members of the "Love of Money" gang.

R v R: We successfully argued before the Court of Appeal that this defendant¿s conviction for money laundering should be quashed.

We have maintained our involvement in major road traffic matters. Our work has led to instructions from haulage contractors and the defence of their employees for Road Traffic Act matters.

The Times recently reported our role in the case of Re M, a leading Civil Court of Appeal confiscation matter concerning an appeal from the High Court Administrative Division QBD.

We successfully opposed an application to judicially review the CCRC from referring money laundering convictions to the Court of Appeal following the recent House of Lords decision in Saik. The case was referred to the Court of Appeal, who quashed the conviction. The JR attracted the interest of Liberty because of the far reaching implications for the Court of Appeal Criminal Division.

R v W: We secured the acquittal of a defendant charged with conspiracy to import Class A drugs. W was arrested as a result of an international investigation into the global importation of crack cocaine into the UK. The UK limb of the investigation called Operation Bella Vista was headed by the National Crime Squad. The NCS worked closely with the authorities in Guyana, St. Maarten, France and the Netherlands. The organisation, the so-called "Bling Bling" gang, established drug and money laundering networks estimated to be worth £300 million. W was the first of only two defendants to be acquitted of the 17 defendants charged in what was an internationally reported case

R v O: We successfully defended a Ghanaian who was charged with conspiracy to import 22kgs of cocaine from Ghana. O was charged with another defendant who was found guilty and sentenced to 22 years imprisonment. We undertook an extensive analysis of the voluminous telephone evidence and produced detailed charts for the defence jury bundles which undermined the prosecution case.

R v R: We represented a defendant charged with 16 other defendants with conspiracy to defraud. The case was investigated by the Stolen Vehicle Unit of the Metropolitan Police and concerned the organised theft and re-registration of high value motor vehicles in London. The supposed retail value of the vehicles exceeded £4.5 million. The alleged fraud element of the case involved re-creating identities for the stolen vehicles (false and cloned Vehicle Identification Numbers).

Daniel Berman crime fraud defence lawyers

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