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Daniel Berman crime fraud defence lawyers

The firm is experienced in the defence of the most serious criminal matters. We have three main departments:

  • The serious and organised crime department, private and legally aided;
  • Financial crime, confiscation and asset forfeiture, private and legally aided;
  • Representation for less serious offences where private funding is available.

The practice was awarded membership of The Specialist Fraud Panel, which allows the firm to act on behalf of legally-aided defendants in serious and complex fraud matters. The firm has a long history of representation from the outset of complex fraud investigations. For instance, when the Serious Fraud Office investigated the British pharmaceuticals industry in respect of price-fixing allegations, a number of the top executives in the industry requested that Daniel Berman accompany them for the interview process. Those directors were not charged. When the SFO investigated BAE Systems in respect of corruption allegations, Daniel Berman was again instructed - with the same outcome.

The firm is frequently involved in high-profile criminal cases. We are trusted and relied upon by our clients, and enjoy the responsibility this brings. We understand the demands and pressures of defending serious crime, and our clients are reassured by the expert advice and protection of their rights afforded by the firm┐s lawyers. There is no substitute for experience, ability and tenacity when the stakes are at their highest.

The safeguarding of client assets is a key part of the service we provide, and we have a strong reputation in the field of confiscation and asset forfeiture. We are able to offer advice and representation from the interview stage all the way through to any confiscation proceedings.

The firm utilises sophisticated information technology to process and challenge prosecution evidence in the most comprehensive and aggressive manner. We also use our technical ability to shield confidential information.

The practice is structured to offer specialist criminal defence services to a limited number of clients, with the focus upon excellence. Our clients are never confronted with a lawyer who is not fully conversant with the facts of their case and the issues involved. Our exacting standards are maintained in all matters, whether legally-aided or private.

We pride ourselves in:

  • Our strategic awareness and ability to protect your interests in the face of any prosecution, whether it was instigated by the Metropolitan Police or the Serious Fraud Office, for instance;
  • Always providing the highest quality advocates to represent you in Court;
  • Utilising our links with the most renowned expert witnesses in their respective fields for the benefit of our clients;
  • Dealing with correspondence and enquires within 48 hours and giving you the option of using a 24 hour emergency helpline;
  • Keeping you fully informed, and providing a personal, fully accountable and accessible service;
  • Assisting you at each stage of your involvement with the criminal justice system;
  • Explaining your legal position with clarity and sophistication.
Daniel Berman crime fraud defence lawyers
Daniel Berman crime fraud defence lawyers

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